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Create your own Pilgrimage

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Touch and feel the rich history, appreciate the stunning landscapes and Christian heritage that has been cultivated since the day the Apostle Paul landed in Malta in 60 A.D.
Since, you may have your own personal ideas as to your ideal spiritual journey around Malta and the other surrounding lands, which together were the cradle of Christendom, we offer you the flexibility of tailor planning your trip with us.


Whether you would like to journey in the footsteps of St. Paul throughout the Mediterranean, from Greece and Turkey to Rome, making Malta your midway point or combining a trip to Malta with a pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago (known in English as The Way of St James) in Spain, we’ll have your travel covered. If it’s Marian sites like Fatima, Lourdes or Malta’s shrine of Ta’ Pinu in Gozo which interest you, we’ll assist you with all your travel arrangements.


Malta is ideally situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, only a couple of hours flight from Rome and the Holy Land, making it the ideal base for pilgrimage travel throughout Europe.


If you wish to focus on Malta, then a wealth of sites and experiences await you. Perhaps you’re interested in peaceful, out of the way country chapels, found in abundance in Malta and Gozo or the splendour of the magnificent cathedral size churches seen from almost every vantage point in Malta. The legacy of the knight’s rule of Malta is abundantly visible throughout the Islands, in their military engineering and architectural feats: the forts, bastions, watch towers, aqueducts, churches and cathedrals.


A visit to Malta during Holy week is a delight like no other and one that you will never forget, with its processions and functions. On the other hand Christmas time brings to life the tradition of cribs as inspired by St.Francis. Malta’s tranquility and tangible Christian roots make it a unique place for Spiritual Retreats. It is an experience that enriches the visitor both spiritually and culturally.

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